Wanstead, E11 – Spring 2020

This was one of our favorite projects over the past year. Not only because the finish was extremely high end, but also because it was for clients whom we developed a wonderful relationship. Set in the beautiful East London suburb of Wanstead, on approach one can immediately appreciate the fine façade of this Edwardian building screaming with charm befitting of it’s era. Our scope of work was to add a rear extension and refurbish the ground floor in general. This however, was no standard extension! Architecturally Designed to include frameless glass sliding doors and a glass roof supported by beautifully crafted Norwegian Douglas Fir beams. The floor was also imported form Norway and the boards were all in one section without any breaks! This gave a majestic and grand feel when the kitchen was viewed from the front of the hallway to the back of the kitchen.

The bespoke kitchen was designed with an assortment of modern technology in order to “wow” anyone who visited the house! These included; touch controlled motorised appliance doors that opened with either a voice command or simple knock, induction hob, automatic motorised rain sensing roof windows, automatic double doors set on a track that disappeared into the wall upon activation, a motion-sensing wood burning stove that follows movement around the room in order to project it’s heat wherever you are situated in the room, state of the art underfloor heating and a Trench Heating System running the full length of the rear sliding doors.

The specification was also to ensure that Eco-Friendly “Green” materials were used wherever possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the property. The insulation installed in the floor and walls was Steico Insulation made from natural wood fibre sourced from sustainable forests.


Mr Muller & Ms Dale


East London